Popcorn Sale at Peace of Christ Parishes Great Success

Mr. Boyle and Mrs. Barron, with Armel, at the Parish popcorn sale 10/14/18.

On Sunday morning, Oct. 14, a flying squad of Scouts, leaders and parents hit up all four services at the three Peace of Christ Parish churches for our Show ‘n Sell popcorn sale. First up: St. James Church after the 8:00 AM Mass; we got our tables fully set up only moments before the service let out. Then over to St. John the Evangelist for the next service an hour later; followed by St. Ambrose at the conclusion of the 9:45 Mass, then back to St. John the Evangelist by noon for the final service. At each church we set up two tables, one at each exit, and also indoors in the church halls for the after-service coffee hours.

Thanks to Mrs. Barron and Mr. Boyle for arranging for, and organizing, the event, and to the parents and leaders who helped the Scouts carry it out. A special thanks to Mr. Etzkorn of Pack 231, who restocked our dwindling supply of caramel corn with a supply from the Cub Pack. Mr. Boyle reports that the sale receipts were excellent for an event of this type. The excellent weather helped.

Selling BSA popcorn in front of St. John the Evangelist 10/14/18

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