Massawepie Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It’s another great day in the Scout Camp. A soft mist rolled off of Massawepie Lake this morning; the sun is shining now. The Troop enjoyed a late night snack last night of barbecued spare ribs, cooked up right in the camp site.

Speaking of food, the food service this year has been pretty good, with no real complaints. Mr. Schoen has assisted in sprucing up the meals with his personal stash of spices, sauces and other flavor-enhancers.

Sebastian triumphed again this year in the ax chopping competition during the lumberjack gains at Scoutcraft, although the sight we really wanted to see was Sepastian and Kris on the two handed saw (one scout being twice the size of the other…)

Patrick and Mr. Scribner canoed out into Lake Massawepie yesterday evening, coming within fifty feet of five loons, apparently a rare sighting. Gabe will be hiking around Massawepie Lake tomorrow as part of the Trailblazers five mile hike. Kevion took that hike last year, always a favorite camp activity.

Each morning our campsite is inspected by our Commissioner, MaryBeth Boyle, who happens to be daughter of Troop 37 Assistant Scoutmaster (and former Scoutmaster) Bill Boyle.

And, by the way, Troop 37 has the record of having attended Massawepie more years than any other troop. Right after the camp was purchased by the Scout Council, before the camp was even opened, an expedition of Troop 37 Scouts and Scouters visited Massawepie and camped out on the site of the future Camp Pioneer.

Mist rolling off Massawepie Lake 8/8/2018


A dewy morning flags ceremony 8/8/2018
Commissioner MaryBeth Boyle, checking things out at Schroon Campsite, 8/8/2018
September 1951; Troop 37 expedition to newly-acquired Camp: Jack Dailor (Walt May’s car) Massawepie

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