Massawepie Tuesday August 7, 2018

In Camp, as in life, a little rain must fall, and so it did, in the form of a short thunderstorm late yesterday evening. We compensated by working on Sequence Merit Badge and Euchre Merit Badge. A light shower came by around breakfast time this morning, but was gone by the 9 AM activities (Trailblazers for Kevion and Gabe, Pioneering for Patrick and Kris. At 10:30, Patrick and Kevion head up to Shotgun Merit Badge, Kris to Nature Merit Badge and Gabe to First Aid Merit Badge.

As we are in the same camp site as last year, the fire pit (or fire altar) we rebuilt a year ago is still in fine condition, so our major campsite improvement project was installing a flag pole on the side of the bulletin board. The folks at Fortunes True Value Hardware in Tupper Lake were exceptionally helpful with this project.

Weather at 11:30 AM: overcast and 72 degrees.


Morning dew at Massawepie; 8/7/2018


Mew flag pole at Campsite Schroon, Pioneer, Massawepie
Troop 37 flag outside Campsite Schroon, Camp Massawepie 2018
Troop 37 flag (with Bob Verberg and Dick Mckay) at Eagle Island Scout Camp, 1951

2 thoughts on “Massawepie Tuesday August 7, 2018”

  1. So has Troop 37 rebuilt all of the fire altars at the camp? Guess there are plenty of flag poles for the future!

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