Massawepie Thursday and Friday, August 9 & 10, 2018

The last two days in Camp have been particularly busy. Patrick and Kevion completed Shotgun Merit Badge (Patrick also received the “Top Gun” award for the Shotgun Range for this week). Gabe completed the five mile hike around Massawepie Lake (accompanied by Mr. Scribner and Mr. Schoen); Kris and Patrick are wrapping up Pioneering Merit Badge today, and Gabe and Kevion will be launching their Space Exploration rockets this afternoon. Sebastian and Mr. Burgess took a side trip into town for a dinner at the Pine Grove Restaurant, to celebrate Sebastian’s seventh year at Massawepie as a Scout, and a visit to the great Msssawepie Bog as well.

Thursday morning’s weather started with a gentle rain, which was pretty much over by breakfast. Other than a rain storm Thursday night, the weather has been excellent. We barbecued sausage and hot dogs Wednesday evening and a whole lot of chicken yesterday evening, along with tasty corn on the cob; the troops we are sharing the campsite with were our guests for the feasts. Mr. Burgess secured the food stuffs from his ‘secret sources’.

Mr. Scribner performed “The Cat Came Back” at a staff party Wednesday evening and presented “Rock Von Der Musick Hall” (assisted by staff member Tyge Kelly) at the Dining Hall yesterday evening. Mr. Schoen completed the mile swim in Massawepie Lake yesterday afternoon. Mr. Scribner and Patrick manned a row boat to follow him as he swam from the Pioneer beach to Pontiac Point, across the lake, and back again.

Tonight there is a camp-wide barbecue of hot dogs and hamburgers and a Camp Carnival, followed later by a camp fire. We anticipate presenting a certin song at that camp fire event.

Gabe (in blue) lined up with the Trailblazers preparing for the five mile hike.
Troop 37 plaques in the old Mountaineer Dining Hall (passed by during five mile hike)
Gabe enjoying lunch at Vingo during the five mile hike
Sebastian at the great Massawepie Bog.
Kris, bright and shiny, on Thursday morning
Kris, shiny and bright, Friday morning
Patrick rowing for Mr. Schoen’s mile swim

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