Massawepie Monday August 6 2018

We all arrived yesterday in fine spirits, and moved into Schroon Campsite, the same site as we were in last year. We are sharing the site with a couple of troops sponsored by the LDS Church, very nice neighbors. The weather couldn’t be nicer, warm, dry with a nice breeze off the Lake. A million stars shone last night for skygazers.

This morning Kevin and Gab are off to trailblazers, while Patrick and Kris are taking Pioneering Merit Badge, taught by Staff Member Tyge Kelly.

Troop 37 at St. John the Evangelist, heading to Massawepie
Gabe and Kevion, trying not to be seen at Trailblazers 8/6/2018
Staff Member Tyge Kelly aka SPL Tyge) teaching Pioneering in his secluded lair
Troop 37 at St John the Evangelist, heading to Massawepie 8/5/2018

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