Final Massawepie 2018 post (Saturday, August 11)

We are all back in town now, except Mr. Boyle, who drove up to Massawepie Friday night and will spend a couple days with the Staff assisting in closing down the camp for the Summer. Friday was a particularly beautiful day, and the Scouts finished up all their anticipated merit badges. Gabe and Kevion got to shoot off their rockets in the Sports area as part of Space Exploration Merit Badge. Gabe and Mr. Schoen completed their first year Bark Eater award and Kevion his second year award.

Mr. Boyle had given us three American flags that were distressed and had been given to the Troop for a proper disposal ceremony. Turns out our Campsite Schroon neighbors, two troops sponsored by the Church of Later Day Saints (LDS) had also been given two flags to properly retire. So Friday afternoon after lunch, we built a big fire and, after a Pledge of Allegiance and a flag folding ceremony, each was retired by fire in a dignified manner.

For the closing campfire the troop assisted Mr. Scribner in a rousing presentation of The Cat Came Back. The hometown of every troop in camp was incorporated into the last verse of the song.  For our traditional Friday evening cracker barrel following the campfire, we barbecued chicken wings, with chips, drinks and cookies. Our neighbors in Campsite Schroon, the LDS troops, joined us again for this evening feast. For the past four days, our late night barbecue has really been the fourth meal of the day.

Oh by the way: the proper pronunciation of our campsite, named after Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks, is “SKROON”.

Another tradition was followed Saturday morning, when Mr. Burgess and Mr. Scribner served as ‘gofers’ for the Troop at the dining hall. As usual, the setup included table cloth, candle lights, and clothe napkins. Our Staff guests were suitable impressed, as they should have been.

Tyge joined us after breakfast back in the campsite, after we were all packed up. We took a moment to talk about the week and what went well (or otherwise). Mr. Scribner also spoke briefly about the Fall 2018 Troop program. We left a little after 11, enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Rt. 81 rest area near Watertown, and arrived home around 4. Another fine week at Massawepie!

Flag retirement ceremony 8/10/2018
Gabe ready to launch his rocket, while Kevion looks on; Space Exploration Merit Badge 8/10/2018
Friday night retreat ceremony 8/10/2018

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