August Camp-out at Cutler a Success

In the first of two back-to-back Summer Camp-outs, Troop 37 encamped at the Whispering Creek campsite at Seneca Waterway Council’s Camp Cutler August 8 to 11, 2020. The camp was open for ‘family camping’ and so nine Scouts and six adults headed down to Naples for the trip.

Whispering Creek is a beautiful meadow camping site, but off the road so that all food and equipment had to be carried in, quite an operation. The two patrols set up their kitchen and the adults, under the direction of Chef Jason, organized their own kitchen.

Hikes, canoeing, a hotdogs-on-a-stick trail meal and three fantastic campfires were the highlights of the trip. Fantastic weather was marred only by some hungry horseflies. By Sunday afternoon we had the entire Cutler Reservation to ourselves. A great time was had by all in this, the forst half of our 2020 Summer Camp program.

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