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Stories from The Compass

For over thirty years, The Compass has been Troop 37's newspaper.  below are a reprint of selected stories form recent issues:

(Spring 2010): Over February break I started my Life service project at Ellison Park. My project was to put metal fencing around trees that had began to be chewed on by the beavers that lived down there.

The people I had picked to do the job with me were Dan, Luke , and Emil. We all rode down to the park office where we met the guys that we were working with and then we began cutting the metal fence into smaller pieces. After that, we each got into a truck and rode down to the end of the sledding hill across the river where we started our work. We took metal fencing and wrapped it around the trees that had been chewed on. Some of the trees were chewed too much by the beavers to be saved.

After we did about 12 trees, it was time to ride back up to the office to eat lunch. After lunch we found a sled in the office and took it with us. We started to mess around more then work and hid in the bushes waiting to ambush the next guy to walk by.

After we were done wrapping the final trees with metal fencing, Luke and Emil took their sled down a hiking trail. Dan and I were too lazy to go and do it. After that, we rode back up to the office where my grandpa was waiting to pick us up.

(Spring 2010): My Sunday volunteer experience at Camp Cutler started out with eating breakfast at the dining hall with my two uncles and my dad. In case you are wondering why my uncles and my dad were there, they were finishing a project they started on Engineer's Weekend (a weekend that is spent figuring out what needs to be done to open the camp for Cub Adventure Camp).

Ranger Jeff and I drove around in the gator checking on jobs and the volunteers, and delivering any materials and tools they needed. We went to Amy Jenkins Lodge to check on the progress and then we went to the NYLT camping site. I found out what is in the other half of Cohen lodge -- separate rooms with nice couches and beds for the counselors that work at Cub Adventure Camp. I got to drive the gator to the garage.

Then it was time for lunch: make-your-own subs with chips and a brownie for dessert. After lunch we went to Lynx lean-to near Fawnhaven lean-to (where we camped in March). On the way back, we went down the very steep trail (very scary!).Then, we helped my two uncles and my dad deliver the "islands" that they built for the Fort, Castle, and Light-house, which were the same design as the one in Leo Lodge.

I learned from Ranger Jeff that there are only three birds that are not protected: the house sparrow, pigeon, and European star-ling. If you ever get a chance to visit the E-CON building, check out the stuffed Bull Moose and Wyoming mountain lion. Also check out the nine and a half foot long rat snake skin.

Troop 37 doing the Snake Race; Howard Beye Invitational Skill Rally at St. John's February 2010.  The 40st Skill Rally will be at the Adams Street Rec Center January 29, 2011.