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Troop 37 Alumni

Over two thousand scouts and leaders have tramped through the church hall of St. John the Evangelist, learning skills, playing games and, after the command "lights", singing Scout Vespers and receiving the Scoutmaster's Benediction.

If you are an alumni of Troop 37, please email us at troop37rochester (at) gmail (dot) com and let us add you to our email list. If you wish, you may include contact information, such as: address, phone numbers, years you were a Scout / leader. 

Coming soon . . . our alumni list

We are planning on listing on this page all alumni for whom we have contact information.  We will just list your name, not anything else.  If you wish your email address to be included on the web site as well, let us know and we will include it in the same format as we list all email addresses, spelling out "(at)" and "(dot)" so that the information is relatively private from searches.  if your email is not listed on this site,a nd another alumni wants to contact you, we will forward any emails we receive to you.

If you wish to add to our history page, or just want to share any Troop 37 stories, please send them along as well.