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62 Years of Great Scouting!

Troop 37 Rochester was chartered in October, 1947 and has been serving the youth of Rochester for 62 years.  In the Spring of 2009 we celebrated our 102nd Eagle Scouts. After all these years we have accumulated lots of of history, which we are putting online here bit by bit.  Sorry if the material is a little scattered, and come back again to see what new stuff we have added.  If you have any stories, pictures etc., email us at troop37rochester (at) gmail (dot) com and send it along.

1947 Charter: The original Troop 37 application for a charter as a Boy Scout Troop was signed September 26, 1947, and filed with Otetiana Council October 17, 1947.  The first batch of applications for membership by Scouts were all dated October 10, 1947.On the 1947 Charter page, we list every Scout who joined the troop our first year.

1947-1950: On our 1947-1950 history page, you will find Jack Dailor's story of joining the new Troop 37, along with his friend and fellow Tay Hoouse alumni, Al Hasselwander.  Kevin O'Brien recalls how his father was one of the funding members of the troop committee.  Walt May (still active with the Troop in 2009), reports about being recruited as the third Scoutmaster, and taking a group of Scouts on an early exploratory trip to Massawepie even before Otetiana Council purchased the property.

1951-1952: On our 1951-52 pages, read a newspaper article about winter camping at old Camp Cutler, and see pictures of our first (but not last) inter-troop rally with Tay House. 1951 was the last summer Eagle Island was used as a Scout Camp: we were there, as we were the next summer for Massawepie's first year.  The pictures we have are amazing.

1953 Canadian canoe Trek: We have a separate page just for this astonishing trip: five Scouts, three leaders (all under 25), 163 miles in northwest Ontario.  We have newspaper articles about the trip and an article written by a 16 year old Walter Huurman, one of the participants, about this epic adventure.

1953-1954: We have a ton of material from this two-year period.  Eagle Scout newspaper articles about Walt Huurman, Tom Hoffman, David Doyle, Tommy Eckert and Mikey Wade.  Scout-o-rama 1953 (with Walt May in charge of the Troop 37 display). The untimely death of a young Scout Executive, Thomas Rowe, the first Mountaineer Camp Director.  Camperships to Philmont (David Doyle), Schiff (Dick Corbett), and Massawepie (Tommy Hoffman and Billy Gallagher) awarded by the Mother's Auxiliary; the amazing Court of Honor where all 102 Scouts advanced at least one rank.  And this page is incomplete! We have a lot more material and pictures from the archives to add.

1955-1956: We are still working on this page, but we have posted a newspaper article about the achievement of Buddy Madigan earning Eagle.  Bud sent us a letter in 1997, for the troop's 50th reunion, describing his memories of the early years, and the text of the letter is poste don this page.

More will be posted.  Please email us any material you may have, at troop37rochester (at) gmail (dot) com