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Troop 37 leadership:

Cub Master:

The Cub Master of Pack 37 is Jose Zayas. He may be reached at josemanuelzayas (at) gmail (dot) com 

Scoutmaster Staff:

The Scoutmaster Staff: Scoutmaster; Ed Stacklyn; Assistant Scoutmasters: Bill Boyle; Frank Fields; Mark Hasenauer, Kathy Karem, Demetricus McIver; Bob Newbury, Brian Walsh

Ed Stacklyn (Scoutmaster) is the father of four sons and one daughter.  His oldest son got him into Scouting, first with Pack 55 and then with Pack 37 and Troop 37.  His next two sons are in Pack 37, one as a Webelo and one as a Tiger Cub, so we will be seeing Ed for quite some time to come!  Ed has been a Cub leader and Scout leader for eight years now.  Says Ed, "I often thank my son for getting me involved with Scouts.  Scouting has afforded my son and me to experience camping, white-water rafting and trecking together.  What a great organization!"  Ed can be reached by email at Eddie117 (at) aol (dot) com or by phone at 315-986-9204.

Bill Boyle, Assistant Scoutmaster, has been a leader with our troop since 1997. His older son Michael earned his Eagle Award in our troop and his younger son joined us in the Spring of 2008. Bill himself earned his Eagle Award at Troop 39, Syracuse, NY, and worked at Massawepie as a staff member when he was in college. Scouting is Bill’s day job, as Comptroller of Otetiana Council. Bill can be reached by email at bill (dot) boyle (at) otetiana (dot) org

Frank Fields, Assistant Scoutmaster, has been a leader with our troop since 1994 and was Scoutmaster of Troop 37 for many years during that time. Frank’s Scouting experience started with Cub Pack 237 of Brooklyn, NY. His two sons, Brian and Francis, both earned their Eagle awards at Troop 37. Frank’s wife Patricia also served on our troop committee. Frank is Vice President and Senior Counsel for Global Crossing Telecommunications. Frank can be reached at (585) 288-4995 or by email at ffields (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot) com

Kathy Karam, our Assistant Scoutmaster for Recruitment, joined us, along with her son, in September 2008. She was previously a leader in her son’s cub pack, Pack 299, Council Rock School, Brighton. Kathy was a Camp Fire Girl and a Girl Scout herself, and is the Administrative Assistant for Finance at our Scout office, Otetiana Council. Kathy literally grew up with the Boy Scout, as she was one year old when her father was District Executive at Great Trails Council, Akron Ohio.  She spent summers at one or another of that council's three camps for right years while her father was camp director.  Kathy can be reached at (585) 233-5505 or by email at KathyKaram (at) yahoo (dot) com

Demetricus McIver, Assistant Scoutmaster, has been a leader with our troop since 2001. A regular with Troop 37 at Massawepie, Demetricus has one son in the troop. Demetricus started his Scouting career as a Cub Scout in Philadelphia, and is an electrical engineer at Harris RF Communications.

Troop Committee:

The Chair of the Troop 37 Committee is Thomas Loughborough.  Other members of the Troop Committee are: Mike Bartnicki, Lisa Bucholz, Bryan Donnelly, Christine Gillion (fka Maurer), John Hasenauer, Vincent Lamark, Walter May, Peter Scribner, and Kim Sylvester.

Thomas W. Loughborough, Committee Chair, has been a troop leader since 1994, and was our Scoutmaster before Mr. Fields. Tom’s son Mike earned his Eagle Award in our troop. Tom’s Scouting career began in 1970 as a Scout in Troop 152 in Brighton. Tom works in telecommunications at Connect-A-Phone. Tom can be reached at (585) 482-6113 or by email at tomlough (at) acninc (dot) com

Mike Bartnicki has been a Troop 37 leader since 1986. He served as our Scoutmaster for three years starting in 1989, and then served as Committee Chair. His son Kevin earned the Eagle Award at Troop 37. Mike is a rehab counselor with the Canandaigua Veterans Administration Hospital’s Rochester Outpatient Clinic. Mike can be reached online at michael (dot) bartnicki (at) frontiernet (dot) net

Bryan Donnelly, the Secretary of the Committee, has been a Troop 37 leader since 2004.  He started in Scouting as a Cub Scout at Indian Landing School around 1966, and received the Eagle Award in 1975 as a Scout in Troop 230, sponsored by the Penfield Baptist Church.  Bryan was the Chair of the Committee of Pack 95 (46 School) 1996 through 2001.  Bryan’s older son, Ritchie, received his Eagle with our troop in 2005 and his other son, Mikey, completed his Eagle Board of Review in December 2008.  Bryan is Operation Manager and Salesman at Refractory Maintenance Corp.  Bryan can be reached at 585-288-7042 or by email at bdonnel1 (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot) com 

Jack Hasenauer, the troop treasurer, joined Troop 37, as a acout, earlier than any other leader with the troop - in our first year of operation in 1947! His father, Rudolph Hasenauer, was a member of the first troop committee and his older brother David transferred to Troop 37 from Troop 55.  All four of Jack’s sons were scouts in troop 37: John, Chris, Mark, and Mike, along with two grand children, the fourth generation of Hasenauers in Troop 37.  Jack has served as a leader with Troop 37 for 35 of the past 44 years.  Jack is retired as Comptroller of Gleason works and as Vice President of Finance for Pal Energy Corp.

Vincent J. Lamark has been a leader with our troop since 1969.  He served as Scoutmaster for three years in the early 1970's (Vinny is one of four former Scoutmasters who continue to serve as troop leaders.) He started his Scouting career as a boy in Troop 184 at Corpus Christi Church, Rochester, in 1945.  Vinny’s two sons, Michael and Kevin, were both Scouts in Troop 37.  Vinny is a retired land surveyor from erdman Anthony Associates.  Vinny can be reached at 585-461-1597 or by email at vlamark (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot) com

Walter May is our longest serving leader.  He served as Scutmaster of Troop 37 shortly after graduating from the University of Rochester in 1947!  A world war 2 veteran, Walt was recalled to service for the Korean War, and was succeeded as Scoutmaster by the legendary Lou Langie Jr. Walt has served on our troop committee for decades, including as Committee Chair.

Peter Scribner, a member of our Troop Committee, has been continuously registered with Scouting since joining Cub Pack 6, Scarsdale NY, in 1961. After moving to Rochester, he became a Webeloe in Cub Pack 180, Indian Landing School. He then joined Troop 37 and earned his Eagle Award with us in 1971. He has served as Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 129, Rohrerstown, PA and Scoutmaster of Troop 123 (School 52), Rochester NY. Peter has been a member of our troop committee since 1980 and is Woodbadge-trained. Peter has attended Massawepie every year since 1965 and worked there as a staff member five summers while in high school and college. Peter is an attorney in Rochester and is also President of the Rochester Community Players. He can be reached at (585) 261-6461 or at pscribner (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot (com)

Our Charter Representative is Oscar Lewis. Oscar has been a leader with Troop 37 since 1987. His son, Joshua, is a Troop 37 Eagle Scout and served as Senior Patrol leader. Oscar began his Scouting in 1960 with Troop 166 at Memorial orthodox presbyterian Church on Merchants Road, and then later at Troop 229 on Monroe Avenue. Oscar is a recipient of the Silver Beaver Award, Otetiana Council’s highest honor for volunteers, for his years of service organizing skilled tradesman at Massawepie. He is the Chair of the Skill Trades Committee of the Council, as well as a member of the Camp properties Committee. Oscar is a property rehabilitation specialist for the City of Rochester. Oscar can be reached at (585) 654-8706 or online at olewis (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot) com

Our Chaplin is the Rev. Robert J. Schrader.

Our Commissioner from Genesee Crossroads District is Edwin Lindskoog. Mr. Lindskoog was a Scout and, for many years, a Scoutmaster, of a Penfield troop.  We appreciate his assistance as a representative of the District wworking with our troop.

Our District Executive for Genesee Crossroads District, Otetiana Council, is Sylvia Johnson; email: sylvia (dot) smith (at) otetiana (dot) org