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Troop 37 at Massawepie 2008

By Assistant Scoutmaster Kathy Karem:

I had a great time at Massawepie first week 2008 and I am really looking forward to going again next year. I hung out with the Trailblazers and went on our five-mile hike while it rained. Since we were under trees we really did not get too wet! Friday was a gorgeous day and we got ready for our troop skit. I had fun at our evening campfires and earning my first year Bark Eater. On Saturday after everyone left, Ben, Dustin Mr. Lewis, and I went into town and visited the museum there. I highly recommend it. The otters were so much fun to watch.

We got hit by another storm and when we arrived back to camp we found some damage to our campsite but others were hit even harder. We worked to clean up as much as we could and then helped Mr. Lewis set up camp for week 2. Robert the flamingo was a great addition to camp! I hope to see everyone there this coming summer for another exciting adventure at Massawepie Scout Camps.

Masswepie 2008 pics: