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Mike Donnelly received the Eagle Scout award at a Court of Honor June 10, 2009.  He became Troop 37 Eagle Scout #102.  Assistant Scoutmaster Frank Fields, who was Scoutmaster during most of Mikey's Scouting career, presided over the Eagle Ceremony and Mikey's Troop 37 Eagle Scout older brother, Ritchie (Troop 37 Eagle Scout #95) delivered the Eagle charge.  His Eagle Scout Uncle Bryan Donnally (Troop 230, Penfield) presented the Eagle medal.

Quite a week that was for the Donnally household, as Mikey also graduated from McQuaid Jesuit High School and Ritchie graduated from Marquette University. A highlight of  the ceremony was when we were lighting candles for the twelve points of the Scout Law, and we forgot to bring along the prepared script for each point.  Quick-thinking Mikey improvised (example: "A Scout is kind, because, um, it's good to be kind. . .)

Eagle Scout Mikey Donnelly

Mikey began his scouting career by joining Tiger Cubs in 1997 in Cub Pack 95. While in Cub Pack 95 the only award Mikey won at the Pinewood Derby was the award for the Luckiest Car. He earned this as a Tiger Cub by painting the number 13 on his car. Maybe that’s why he never won.

In 2002 Mikey joined Troop 37 to be like his older brother, Ritchie. Mikey’s first patrol was the newly created Eagle Patrol with Matt Hoffmann as his patrol leader. Much of the time Mikey was the only person from his patrol to show up to a meeting and so he would have to think up a patrol cheer all by himself. Not wanting to come up with a new cheer every week, Mikey decided to give the same patrol cheer every meeting, much to some of his other troop members’ annoyance.

After Mikey’s first year in Troop 37 he had attained the rank of First Class. In the summer of 2005 Mikey went to the Boy Scout National Jamboree where he earned interesting merit badges like Railroading and Finger Printing. While at the National Jamboree Mikey was able to create an extensive patch collection. After returning from the Jamboree Mikey discovered that only people from the Jamboree thought that patches were cool.

Mikey’s favorite moments in scouting were his times at Camp Massawepie. He remembers the nights he would spend with his friends in their makeshift campsite, Hammock City, and how their hammocks would always end up on the ground because the 1” diameter trees they tied their hammocks to would always snap. At Massawepie there were many competitions that scouts could enter. While other scouts like Francis Fields were earning awards for fire-building, the only award that Mikey won was in a Monster Drawing competition. He received an Honorable Mention for the most submissions ever.

In May of 2008 Mikey completed his Eagle Project by planting roses in the gardens at St. Mary’s Church. He is grateful to all of his fellow scouts, Scott Carlson, Francis Fields, Connor Walsh and Alex Webster, who helped him to fix up the gardens and plant the very thorny roses. Mikey would also like to thank Diane Kannel of St. Mary’s for helping him in planning and carrying out the project. Most of all Mikey would like to thank his parents for helping and encouraging him not only during his Eagle Project but throughout all of his years in scouting. Without their help he would never have come this far. Michael is now a McQuaid graduate and prepares to go to Notre Dame in the fall. Thank you Mom and Dad.

Mikey Donnelly’s Scouting History

Cub Scouting
Bobcat 1998
Wolf 1999
Bear 2000
Webelos Award 2001
Arrow of Light 2002

Boy Scouting
Scout 2002
Tenderfoot 2002
Second Class 2003
First Class 2003
Star 2005
Life 2006
Eagle 2008

Merit Badges Earned (27)
Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Science
Family Life
First Aid
Mammal Study
Indian Lore
Personal Fitness
Personal Management
Soil & Water Conservation
Space Exploration
Wilderness Survival
Wood Carving

Troop Leadership Positions
Assistant Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Troop Scribe
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Order of the Arrow, Ty – Ohni Lodge
Ranks Achieved
Ordeal 2006
Brotherhood 2007