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In Memoriam

Kevin Paul O'Brien: (by Peter Scribner; 9/6/09): "KOB", as he was known to his friends, passed away September 6, 2009, after a long battle with cancer.  Kevin was a Scout in Troop 37, earning his Eagle in 1973.  Two of Kevin's older brothers were scouts in Troop 37, as was his younger brother Patrick.  Kevin's father, Francis O'Brien, was one of members of the committee that founded Troop 37 (see his picture with the Charter Committee on our history page.)  Kevin joined Troop 37 in 1965, serving in the Elk Patrol and the Falcon Patrol.  In 1969 Kevin was hired as commissary aide in the newly-created Camp Forester at Massawepie (his hiring stretched the rules as he was only 14; he turned 15 during the summer.) Kevin served as a leader in at least three Scout troops, Troop 37, Troop 260 in Penfield (where Jack Dailor was Scoutmaster) and Troops 129 and 261, the troop in Pittsford where his son William was a scout. Kevin lead uncounted canoe trips and hikes in the Adirondacks.  Kevin was also a technology enthusiast since his days as a boy, building radios and whatnot in his little electronics workshop in a corner of the basement of the O'Brien house on Clover Street.  Kevin's humor and jokes kept any group he was with in high spirits no matter how arduous the trip. 

Obituary from Democrat & Chronicle: "Kevin Paul O'Brien, Pittsford: September 6, 2009, age 55. He is predeceased by father, Francis; brother, Daniel and sister, Joan O'Brien. Kevin is survived by his wife, Katherine; son, William; daughter, Margaret; mother Rosemary; brothers, Gerry, Michael, David, and Patrick; sisters, Martina and Brigid; many nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to Pluta Cancer Center, Box 18129, Roch., NY 14618 in his memory." Kevin O'Brien is interred at White Haven Memorial Park, 210 Marsh Rd. Pittsford.

In the words of Jack Dailor, "He fought a good fight; he ran a good race; and now it's time for his reward."

Picture of seven Troop 37 alumni at the memorial picnic for Kevin Sept. 13, 2009 (at the memorial service, our alumni lead a singing of Scout Vespers.)

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Troop 37 regrets the recent passing of Troop 37 Alumni and Scout Leaders from the East Side of Rochester:

Beye, Howard S.: (passed away September 19, 2008) Scoutmaster of Troop 55; Covenant United Methodist Church, 1124 Culver Road, for over 50 years. Howie Beye was an Eagle Scout, and as an adult earned the Silver Beaver Award.  Democrat & Chronicle obituary.

Gleason, Joseph Harold, a long-time Troop Committee member and father of two troop alumni, passed away April 2, 2009. Mr. Gleason joined our Troop Committee in 1959, and never officially retired.  He continued to attend our Courts of Honors right up to a couple years ago.  In 1967, Mr. Gleason lead our first 50 mile backpacking trip, back in the era of canvas backpacks and primitive dehydrated food.  Mr. Gleason was also a long-time rifle range instructor and supervised many target shooting events for the Troop.  Mr. Gleason, born in Canada in 1919,  served in World War II.  He worked for Kodak for 42 years as a sheet metal worker or 'tin-knocker', and was a founding member of St. James Church. Mr. Gleason was known as "Hal" to his friends who knew him before the war, and "Joe" to those who knew him after. Mr. Gleason's two sons, Patrick and Terry, were members of Troop 37.  Patrick was Senior Patrol Leader, Eagle Scout and, for many years, staff member at Massawepie.  Terry is an architect in North Carolina. He is also survived by his three daughters, Maureen, Eileen, and Kathleen, as well as by 16 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Democrat & Chronicle obituary.

Greeley, Richard: (passed away August 15, 2008): Long time Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 37 and recipient of the Silver Beaver Award. He is survived by his wife, Barbara, who was also a long-serving Troop 37 Scouter, and their sons, Troop 37 alumni Scott Greeley and Wade Greeley. Democrat & Chronicle obituary.

Mahler, Rev. Michael J.: (Passed away June 29, 2009)  Mike was a member of Troop 37 from 1956 to 1959, before he entered St. Andrew's Seminary. In those days prospective Roman Catholic priests entered the seminary in the 9th grade of high school, and St. Andrews was the junior seminary for Rochester. Mike attended school and church at St. James. Democrat & Chronicle obituary.

Nacy, Kevin (passed away December 5, 2008): Kevin was a distinguished Senior Patrol Leader in Troop 37 and earned his Eagle with us in 1974. Kevin was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeside Health Systems (Lakeside Hospital, Brockport.)  Kevin Nacy is interred at White Haven Memorial Park, 210 Marsh Rd. Pittsford. Democrat & Chronicle obituary.

Zak, Rob, the district director of Lighthouse district for Otetiana Council, passed away on March 21, 2009. Rob was a dedicated scouter, hard worker and often spent his own money and time to take care of scouts. He had a great sense of humor and loved life. We will mourn his untimely passing.