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Masaswepie Boy Scout Camp

Massawepie Scout Camp is the 5,000 acre Scout reservation located near Tupper Lake in the Adirondack Mountains.  See our links page for more information about this amazing facility.  Troop 37 has attended Massawepie every year since the camp opened in 1952.  For all but two of those years, we have attended for two weeks.

2009 Camp Fees:$270 / scout for one week. $520 / scout for two weeks   

Brother Discount (each Scout):  $25 each

Camperships as determined Campership Committee - up to 1/2 total fees normally. This means that if a scout is trying to subsidize camp with a campership, the first two fees due December 10 ($25) and February 11 ($75) must be paid out of pocket and on time by the parent.

MASSAWEPIE REFUND POLICY  - ALL fees paid are non-refundable but may be transferred to a new camper.  PARTIAL REFUNDS will only be considered for cancellations due to medical reasons or summer school.  Medical cancellations will require a doctor’s note; summer school cancellations will require a note from a guidance counselor or other school official.  The $25 non-refundable registration fee will not be returned.  After June 30, contract commitments increase the non-refundable amount to $50 regardless of the reason for the cancellation.  Requests for partial refunds must be made no later than August 31.  Requests made after that date will not be considered.

MEDICAL FORMS  - Medical forms are required for every person in camp.  The council must keep these medical forms.  Be sure to make copies of the form before you come to camp.  Be prepared to leave a copy of the medical form at camp. Keep the original in a safe place; it can be used again.  COPIES CANNOT BE MADE AT CAMP, AND THEY CANNOT BE PROVIDED AT A LATER TIME.

Troop 37 at Massawepie through the years

Troop 37 Mountaineer picture, 1960 (notes from the back side of the group picture):
Front row, sitting from Left to right:
Chris Williams, Ed Seidenberg, John Alquist, Richard Mangione, Jerry Ryan, Mike Bievenauer, Mike LaBue, Dean Geraci, John Bacon (Jr.), Dave kemp, Jack LaBue

Middle row, L to R: Tim Barry, Mike Rizzo, Greg Smith, Ed DeGennaro, Steve Wilhelm, Richard Kaul, Robert Genthner, Gary Molinari, Hugh Stevenson, David Hennessey, William Thompson, Tim Flint, Robert Sparcino, Rodney Stark, David Colgan

Back row, L ro R: (Mr.) Mel Stevenson, (Mr.) Jack Dailor, Tom Spaker, John McCormick, Bill Putnam, Lou Fichter, Jr. Ken Jones, Chris Rice, Paul Winter, Joe Madigan, Jeff Flint, Paul Gorski, Tom Bissonette, Bob DeBeer, Dave Colgan Sr.

The back of the 1960 picture also states “56 Merit badges”