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Welcome to Troop 37 and Cub Pack 37 Rochester!

Welcome to Troop 37, and Cub Pack 37, Rochester NY.  Our Scout Troop meets Wednesday evenings at St. John the Evangelist Church, 553 Humboldt Street, Rochester.  Our Cub Pack meets Monday evenings at St. James church, 130 Brett Road, Rochester. For more information, please contact us at our email address: troop37rochester (at) gmail (dot) com

Coming up!

Council Eagle Scout Celebration Oct. 10 at Rochester Convention Center!

Jack Dailor and Al Hasselwander, two of Troop 37's founding members, are on the Committee of Seneca Waterways Council's Eagle Scout Award Centennial Celebration, Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at the Rochester Convention Center. Reception starts at 5:30 PM, with Dinner at 6:30 PM. Anticipated old time Troop 37 alumni from 50 years ago attending include Dick Corbitt, Buddy Madigan, Walt Huurman, Tom Collins and Lou Langie, as well as Jack and Al, of course. To register, go to the Seneca Waterways Council webpage (; the registration is at the top of the front page.

Calendar 2012 - 2013 Boy Scouts

As of September 1, 2012:

September 2012  
12th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
12th First Troop Meeting of the Year, Communication MB
15th North Winton Village Festival
19th Court of Honor 
26th Troop Meeting

October 2012 
3rd Troop Meeting
5 – 7th OA Ordeal @ Babcock Hovey
5 – 7th NYLT Camp Cutler Wk #1
8th Troop Committee Meeting
10th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
10th Troop Meeting
13th Bottle and Can Flyer Hand Out
12 – 14th NYLT Camp Cutler Wk #2
17th Troop Meeting
19 – 21st CTC Campout Babcock Hovey
24th Halloween Party
28th Coupon Book Blitz
31st No Troop Meeting

November 2012 
3rd Bottle and Can Pickup
7th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
7th Thanksgiving Basket Collection
12th Troop Committee Meeting
14th Thanksgiving Basket Collection
17 – 18th Campout Webster Park
21th No Troop Meeting
28th Troop Meeting

December 2012 
1st 8th 15th (exact date TBA) Howe Caverns, Ticonderoga or Fort Niagara
5th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
5th Christmas Basket Collection
10th Troop Committee Meeting
12th Christmas Basket Collection
19th Troop Christmas Party
26th No Troop Meeting

January 2013 
9th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
9th Troop Meeting
14th Troop Committee Meeting
16th Troop Meeting
23rd Troop Meeting
18th – 20th (Y)ukon (Y)university
30th Howard Beye Invitational

February 2013 
3rd Scout Sunday
6th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
6th Troop Meeting
8 – 10th York Observatory / Chimney Bluffs
11th Troop Committee Meeting
13th Swim Night
19th – 21st Winter Break Campout Leo Lodge, Skiing Bristol
27th Troop Meeting

March 2013 
1 – 3rd Maple Sugar / Outback Lean-to
6th Troop Meeting (Not at St John’s)
8 – 10th Maple Sugar / Outback Lean-to
11th Troop Committee Meeting
13th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
13th Troop Meeting
16th Scouting for Food Bag Drop off (Cubs/Girl Scouts)
16th 10 Mile Hike Genesee River
20th Troop Meeting
23rd Scouting for Food Pickup
27th Troop Meeting (Not at St John’s)

April 2013 
1st – 4th Bike Trek
(Great Allegheny Passage) PA
8th Troop Committee Meeting
10th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
10th Troop Meeting
17th Troop Meeting
24th Troop Meeting
TBD Garden Clean Up – Game Night

May 2013 
1st 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
1st Troop Meeting
3 – 5th Campout Mt Marcy
13th Troop Committee Meeting
18th Spring B&C Flyers Hand Out
25th Day Trip, Canoe or Hike
TBD Clean Sweep

June 2013 
1st Spring Bottle & Can Pickup
5th 6PM Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)
5th Troop Meeting
10th Troop Committee Meeting
14 – 16th Canoe or Hike

July 2013 
8th Troop Committee Meeting
21 - 27th Massawepie Week


October 2011: Cub Pack 37 needed uniforms for our new members, and two Troop 37 alumni, learning of this, have contributed $350 to help uniform our cubs.  THANK YOU!!!

October, 2011: Well done, Ethan; completing his Eagle project building a new Finger Lakes trail lean-to.  Danny is just about finished on his Eagle project in the same area, tearing down and disposing of the old lean-to. Pictures and details to come.

You can count them on the fingers of one hand: FIVE possible Eagle awards being presented at our 65th Anniversary Court of Honor May 20!

Welcome: Oliver and Jackson, the two newest Scouts in Troop 37, crossing over from Cub Pack 77 in Brighton.

District & Council News:

Scout Office on the move: To accommodate our new far-flung Council, which now stretches all the way to Seneca County, Seneca Waterways Council anticipates relocating the Council Office to somewhere in the Perinton-Victor area in the near future.

Just in!

For the latest stories on recent troop events, see our Compass page.


See Pictures of our April 2009 50 mile canoe trip April 2009 on our photopage.

Massawepie 2009 pictures and a copy of the Woodchippers Skit -- see Massawepie 2009 page.

Mike Donnelly Eagle Court of Honor June 10, 2009, see his Eagle page.

November 2010: troop spent the night at Rock Ventures.  Note the Official Troop 37 t-shirts; very stylish.

Rock wall at Rock Ventures; 1044 University Avenue, Rochester, November 2010

August 2010; Emil preparing for our 50 mile canoe trip.  We own half dozen of our own canoes and our own Troop 37 canoe carrier.

August 2010: Fifty Mile canoe trip through the Adirondacks

Massawepie 2010: The Great Canoe race: we are in the middle canoe: emil climbing in the stern while Luke (amidships) and Brad (in the bow) paddle away.

Massawepie 2010: Luke builds his rocket at the Handicraft Lodge

In Memoriam

Troop 37 regrets the passing of Kevin Paul O'Brien, who earned his Eagle with our troop in 1973.  Kevin passed away September 6.

Troop 37 regrets the passing of long-time Committee Member Joseph Gleason, the father of Troop Alumni Patrick and Terry Gleason. 

We also note the passing of the Rev. Michael J. Mahler, June 29, 2009.  Mike was a member of Troop 37 1956 to 1959 before entering the seminary.

Troop 37 regrets the recent passing of Troop 37 Alumni and other Scout Leaders from the East Side of Rochester: Kevin Nacy, Howard S. Beye, and Richard Greeley, and professional Scouter Robert Zak. 

For more information on these passings, please see our In Memoriam page.

National BSA News:

New advancement requirements!
[from]: The centennial edition of the Boy Scout Handbook will soon be available, and with the new handbook come several rank requirement changes that will be in effect as of January 1, 2010.

Tenderfoot: A Scout must teach another person how to tie a square knot using the EDGE model (explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable). He must also be able to discuss four specific examples of how he lived the points of the Scout Law in his daily life.

Second Class: A Scout must discuss the principles of Leave No Trace and explain the factors to consider when choosing a patrol site and where to pitch a tent.  He must explain what respect is due the flag of the United States. He must again discuss four examples of how he lived four different points of the Scout Law in his daily life. He must earn an amount of money agreed upon by the Scout and his parents and save at least 50 percent of it.

First Class: An additional requirement to the 10 separate troop/patrol activities states he must demonstrate the principles of Leave No Trace on these outings. He must discuss four more examples of how he lived the remaining four points of the Scout Law in his daily life.

Life: A Scout must use the EDGE model to teach a younger Scout a specified skill.

Star, Life, and Eagle: Troop Webmaster and Leave No Trace trainer are two new leadership positions.